I have been in Real Estate for over 7 years and this is what a few people have said.




Dear Houlihan Lawrence:
I would like to tell you about the most wonderful realtor I have every met, Nancy Patrick. I will start my story at the beginning. When we first listed our home for sale in March of 2006, we started off with Coldwell Banker. Big mistake. In the 6 months we were stuck with them, they showed the home approximately 15 times and our realtor was horrible with returning e-mails, phone calls, etc. and their office staff were rude most times. My husband and I were extremely upset. We were relocating to a different county and had deadlines to complete this deal since our children were due to start school in Rockland County in September. One of my son's teachers had her house on the market at the time and recommended Nancy Patrick. I e-mailed her. She responded right away and we set up a meeting at our home. My husband insisted that we interview several realtors so we would not end up with another 6 months going by with a lazy realtor. Then we met Nancy!
My husband hired her on the spot! She came to us with a CMA report, all kinds of statistics, etc. and her energy and personality won us both over immediately! She hit the ground running and never, ever stopped! She gave me every possible phone number to reach her, told me I could call her as often as I needed. Nancy had shown our house in one week, the same amount of people it took Coldwell Banker to show in 6 months. She is truly amazing! I have never seen so much energy and enthusiasm. Needless to say, we had an offer and accepted within 4 weeks of Nancy taking our listing! Nancy is one of the most caring, honest, energetic and thoughtful people I have ever met. She did the impossible. As bad as the market has become, she pulled it off for us! I can go on and on about Nancy Patrick and what she has done for us. I wish I had met Nancy when our house first went on the market. Nancy is an extremely dedicated and hard worker. As I have told her and what I truly believe is that once her children are a little older and she is able to take on more listings, she will definitely become a "Top Seller" for Houlihan Lawrence! I cannot thank her enough for what she has done. I also want to mention that whenever I received a call that my house was being shown, usually Joyce called. Joyce is also an extemely pleasant and friendly person. Always very, very nice. You have a great staff at that office! I told Nancy that she can use me as a reference any time and I will be recommending her to anyone and everyone! (P.S.) Our closing started at 12:00 pm. yesterday, and we were on our way home by 1:00 pm. Nancy made sure everything was covered before we got to the closing table!
Thank you,
Debbie Ritter